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Toyota Performance Model Coming Soon? Here’s Hoping!

I am a massive fan of Toyota and in particular, I am a massive fan of their sports cars.

In recent years, we have had a rather sad lack of performance cars coming out of the Toyota camp. This was broken with the long-awaited (and much loved) Toyota GT86 last year and joyously, it seems that the reception it received has whet their appetite for the fast and the furious once again.

Toyota FT-1 Performance Sports Concept Car at Detroit Auto Show NAITake a peek at the rear wheel drive, front engine supercar-to-be that was recently shown off at the NIA.

Rather delightfully, the design pays tribute to some of their most iconic sports cars like the Supra, 2000GT and the Celica.

If you are a sports car enthusiast, you will already know that there has been some long-term speculation as to whether a restyled Supra was making its way to a dealership near you very soon. When the Toyota US Senior Vice President was questioned about it, he said he would “love” to have a “halo sports car” in the Toyota range but he denied that this was a new Supra prototype.

When questioned on the matter, he simply said “This is the FT-1 concept”.

Watch this space!Happy days – Toyota do performance cars really, really well. Don’t get mixing up their bread and butter cars with their capabilities of producing a really thrilling sports car. Think back to the days of the Supra (if you are old enough, of course) for evidence.

More information to follow as soon as we receive it!