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Special Feature: Supercars for the Super Rich at Geneva Motor Show 2014

We love the Geneva Motor Show and we love covering it each year. We like to find what the standard manufacturers have to offer, check out their new models and of course, their concept cars.

But most of all, we love the Supercars. We can’t help it – but we know we are not alone. Let’s take a look at some of this year’s cars specially designed with the uber-rich in mind. 

This year was the start of something good; manufacturers are now starting to show display their top-performance cars more so than in previous years. Let’s take a look.



Lamborghini showed off their exciting new Huracan; this will be replacing the $182k legendary Gallardo. Replacing what was VW AG’s best seller of all-time was always going to be a tough call, but the Huracan did not disappoint. On ANY level. 

Lamborghini took 1,000 orders for their new model prior to the Geneva premiere and they expect global sales to exceed 1800 next year.



Our favourite British supercar maker, McLaren, bought their new gullwing-door coupe and convertible 650s to the party; apparently this is designed to give the owner the supercar feel but without the “roughness” that one would usually associated with an out-and-out sports car. In other words, it’s going to be comfortable as well as fast.

The 650bhp model allows the driver to choose between suspension settings for optimum comfort and performance and prices start at around the £195k mark for the coupe version.



Ferrari have been pulling out all the stops lately; as their Chairman Luca Cordero Di Montezemolo boasted, “In the last three years, we introduced three key innovations: four-wheel drive, the first hybrid and now a new turbo engine” in the California T.

The Ferrari California T was shown off in all its sophisticated glory this year at Geneva; this baby can get to 62 miles per hour in just 3.6 seconds and emits a whopping 560 bhp. Interestingly, Ferrari have made it greener and reduced the CO2 emissions by 20% compared to the old model. 



This year, the 2.18 million euro Bugatti Rembrandt -inspired by the sculptor brother of Bugatti’s founder – was shown off by the supercar automaker. This model has some interesting design touches that include a platinum logo and bronze dancing elephant model, designed by the sculptor himself. 

This car is not one that you will see often (in fact, if ever) as it is the fourth special “legend” edition where there are actually only three cars available per variant. 

Jaguar Land Rover 


OK, so it’s not standard Supercar fayre but we just can’t leave out our very own Land Rover. They bought their new super-powered Land Rover Range Rover Evoque 285bhp to Geneva not to be left out (and let’s not forget this is the company that produce the fabulous XKR-S). 



Sweden’s elite manufacturer, Koenigsegg, bought their “One: 1,” to Geneva Motor Show 2014 with claims that it is the “fastest car in the world”. It’s all about the light weight and the exceptional 1400 bhp; imagine getting to 400 kph in 20 seconds. Now, that’s fast. 



We are certainly looking forward to seeing more from Zenvo, who are a new start up Danish manufacturer – the rise in demand has inspired them to join in and try and get a slice if the market; their first model, the 1,104-horsepower ST1, was showed off at Geneva 2014, which can get to 100kpm in an amazing 2.6 seconds.


We have reported a lot of positive car stories this year and last, and the fact that the supercar manufacturers are happily showing off their wares for the super-rich this year is a good sign. After all, their presence has definitely not been as strong in recent shows. 

According to research by IHS Automotive, this year will see the biggest rise of supercar sales since 2010 – the manufacturers are certainly aware of the rise in demand due to the recovering market conditions and are all vying to outsell their competitors.

That just about wraps up this special feature – for now, we have only one left thing to say on the subject.

Welcome back, guys; we’ve missed you.