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Definitive 2013 LA Motor Show Round Up

We take a look at some of the car superstars of this years’ Los Angeles Motor Show

It is something of a mystery to us as to why the LA Motor Show happens to clash with the Tokyo Motor Show but this is exactly what it does.
This year, there have been a few cars of worldwide interest – most notably the Nissan GT-R and Nismo GT-R. The LA Motor Show just has to give us some good car fodder to compete with such heavyweights.
Luckily for all of us motoring buffs, there are plenty of highlights to keep us all interested from some of our favourite manufacturers. Let’s take a look at – what we think is – the best of the best.

Porsche Macan

Everyone loves the Porsche Cayenne. And now there is a mini-me version; and we can’t wait. The new Macan (previously called the Cajun) will be the most powerful compact premium SUV in its sector and will also be aggressively priced to compete squarely with the Range Rover Evoque.
Porsche has unveiled the sixth model in its range, the new Macan SUV, at the Los Angeles Motorshow. The new car is aimed squarely at rivals like the Range Rover Evoque and, in Turbo form, will be the most powerful vehicle in the compact SUV segment.
We have been told that order books open in the UK from November 2013 ; expect to see the Macan appear in a Porsche showroom near you from April next year.

Mercedes GLA45 AMG

So, just when Porsche thought they had cornered the market, enter the 335bhp Mercedes GLA45 AMG. This new compact SUV will also be a rival to the Audi Q3 RS.
Looking at it logically, it was only a matter of time before the A-Class based GLA-Class gained an AMG variant; after all, the A-Class has the AMG and the CLA has the formidable CLA45 AMG. Enough said.

Porsche 911 Turbo Cabriolet

Talking fast and again, talking Porsche, the 2013 Porsche 911 Turbo cabriolet (along with a Turbo S model).
The innovative roof system has certainly got everyone talking and it will certainly please the purists – the new “bow top” system has been designed to blend in with the line of the car and replicate the coupe styling. The magnesium frame operation also improves aerodynamics.

Jaguar F-type Coupe

This one’s a biggie for anyone who has been waiting since 2011 when the C-X16 was first unveiled to the world. OK, there were no surprises with the model shown off at the LA Motor Show but oh, what a car (and a fairly reasonable pricetag with prices kicking off at around the £51k mark).
So yes, it’s a looker. And it’s available in coupe and convertible (roadster) variants; interestingly, Jaguar have stated that the coupe is the most “performance focused” model of all time and it can also pack in two sets of golf clubs! What a boon (where do we sign, then?)


There are, of course, some more cars of interest at the LA Motor Show that we will be bringing you a report on. In the meantime, watch this space and bid a fond goodbye to the Mercedes SLS AMG; this motor show also brings us the Final Edition model as the SLS prepares to make way for new, 911- challenging Mercedes blood.

Written by @MotorMistress