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Supercar Highlights of 2013

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As we are all now getting back into the swing of things after the recent festivities, we thought we would try and banish some of the New Year blues by taking a look back at some of the top supercar highlights of 2013.

What a year 2013 was; all sorts of concepts were debuted, hybrids and electric cars started to really find their feet and numerous new models and technologies were presented by manufacturers around the world.

Supercar Highlights of 2013

Lamborghini Gallardo LP 570-4 Squadra Corse

Supercar Highlights of 2013 Lamborghini

Another street-legal offering from Lamborghini – their Super Trofeo race car reaches 62mph in 3.4 seconds and will set you back a (much more affordable) £160k.

Bentley GT V8 S

Supercar Highlights of 2013 Bentley GT

The new Bentley Coupe still looks remarkably similar to the outgoing one, in our mind (but this, of course, is no bad thing). Bentley are opening the order books for the new coupe and convertible this year – prices start at around £139k for the convertible.

Aston Martin CC100

aston martin CC100
Aston Martin bought us the DBR speedster that has more holes in it than a big chunk of emmental. Fear not, the result is a 62 miles per hour time of just 3 seconds and a top speed of a heart-stopping 202mph. And it’s totally road-legal, folks.

Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport

Bugatti Veyron

£1.65 million pounds will buy you a Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport; the Carbon Fibre version is a mere £1.92 million pounds. As consolation, its top speed is 254.04mph and it will reach 62 mph in 2.6 seconds.

Porsche 918 Spyder

Supercar Highlights of 2013 PORSCHE 918 SPYDER

The supercar of the year, for us, just had to be the hybrid Porsche 918 Spyder. This plug-in one will reach 62 miles per hour in 2.8 seconds. It will also do 72 mpg if you “drive carefully” – this is great but there are probably better ways to save on fuel given that it has a £660k+ price tag. On a serious note, this is also our favourite supercar because it is heralding a new era for environmentally-friendly technology everywhere. Nobody can accuse “green” cars of being boring, now.

Ferrari 458 Speciale

Supercar Highlights of 2013

If style is your bag – as well as speed, of course, this one will get to 62mph in 3 seconds. We liked this one. A lot.

Rolls-Royce Celestial Phantom

rolls royce celestial phantom special edition

Supercar Highlights of 2013 Rolls Royce Celestial Phantom Special Edition

This one is actually a special edition to celebrate the 10th anniversary of its Goodwood production – talk about indulgent, it comes luxe leather, a champagne cooler, diamonds on the clock and there is even a celestial ceiling pattern.

It’s got my name written all over it, of course.

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