How to keep your vehicle tyre overheads under control


Last week, I wrote about the perks of maintenance contracts with certain companies; the focus of my piece was Network’s maintenance package, which is called Driverline.

Securing a good maintenance contract is an essential part of fixing your overheads and tyres can be one of the most costly elements of running your vehicle. At the same time, how many tyres you will need to budget for can be quite unknown, so it can obviously be very difficult to budget for.

With this in mind, it is important to choose a maintenance contract that offers total peace of mind when it comes to tyre replacement.

How to make sure your maintenance contract covers unlimited tyre replacements, premium brand tyres only, punctures and damage and home repair service to suit you

No limit on the number of tyre replacements

One the main worries that motorists have is the cost of tyre replacement; if you secure a comprehensive maintenance agreement, there will be no restriction on how many tyre replacements that you will be allowed during the course of your contract.

However, it is not just the amount of tyre replacements that you may need – often through no fault of your own – it is also the quality of the tyre that you need to consider.

Only premium brand replacements

A maintenance contract from Drive Line – which is available through Compass Contract Hire as an add-on to any competitive leasing deal – promises that you will be supplied with only premium brand replacements.

This means that you will not have to worry about inferior quality tyres on your vehicle for total peace of mind.

Many funders who offer maintenance contracts and independent maintenance providers will not offer the same premium brand tyre guarantee and there are very often restrictions on the number of replacements that you are allowed.

Home tyre fitting service including valve and balance

Driverline’s maintenance contract includes valve and balance and it also comes to you – mobile tyre replacements are arranged to suit you by appointment at your convenience.

Puncture and tyre damage

Again, Driverline also include replacements if you get a puncture or if you have tyre damage; many other companies only include tyre replacement for wear and tear (i.e. when they need changing as a result of daily driving).


In my view it makes total sense to look at what is covered in great detail when you are considering a maintenance contract – don’t just look at the monthly cost when you are shopping around.

Network’s Driverline package is actually very competitive to start with and they offer a very comprehensive service with perks that most other providers can’t even come close to.

For more information, contact Compass Contract Hire on 02392 228070 or click here.

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