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The True Cost of a Cheap Leasing Deal

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Leasing a car is a numbers game. It’s all about getting the cheapest deal, right?

Well, to a degree, yes.

The recession has certainly – and with good reason – bought with it a trend to get the lowest possible monthly car payment that is available. We are all looking for a competitive deal and the internet is a great platform for research; no longer do we have to make endless telephone calls or trawl the dealerships to find the best option for us.

There is a danger, however, that this trend is legitimising the practice of poor customer service.

There are still a great many people who will stick to their preferred main dealer because they have a relationship with a member of the team. In the same way, there are customers who are loyal to their independent leasing supplier because they value their service.

But manners can sometimes be in short supply – customers who obtain lots of quotes can just ignore the phone if they choose to go with another supplier. No thank you, no nothing. It’s faceless and this is not good – for anyone.

People who are willing to take a gamble with their next car lease should read on; after all, you get what you pay for.

Shopping Around

Shopping Around

A car is an important purchase.

It is only natural that you may want to “shop around” to get the best deal. But if you have read our Top 10 Car Deal Advertising Misrepresentations blog, you will know that deals are not always as they seem.

Losing the relationship that you have with your existing supplier – or not being sure that your new supplier is capable of providing you with exemplary service as well as superb deal – could be something that is just not worth messing with.

There have been many occasions when excessive shopping around has resulted in a deal being lost. For example, during the time that the customer has been trying to track down the cheapest price, the original offer has sold out or stocks have depleted.

Bearing in mind that many leasing providers won’t send an official quotation out until order stage (due to the written quotation “price beating” craze), you can’t always be sure that the figures you are getting won’t change or even if they are accurate.

Let’s not forget the value of everyone’s time. Is getting 50+ quotes from different companies really worth your time? And can your chosen supplier really afford to churn out quote after quote AND provide you with the time that you need for the deal to go smoothly?

The True Value of Dealing with a Reputable Leasing Company

The True Value of Dealing with a Reputable Leasing Company

A reputable leasing company will point you in the right direction.

Experienced and knowledgeable staff will guide you and help you to find the right car, or indeed, cars for your fleet.

Paperwork and logistical nightmares are not an issue when you deal with a reputable leasing company – they have dedicated team members who will make sure that this part of the deal goes smoothly.

You won’t have any unexpected surprises and you won’t be left in the lurch if, for example, your car is delayed.

A reputable leasing company will always provide you with a competitive deal; their longevity and strong supplier relationships means that they boast a varied portfolio of exceptional value leasing deals.

Dealing with a BVRLA member – and an accredited franchisee of a well-known fleet management company – will give you total peace of mind (let’s not forget that leasing is still a highly unregulated industry).

So yes, a company like Compass Contract Hire Limited will look after you.

And that is a price that I, for one, feel is always worth paying, even if it is only negligible.

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Who are Network Vehicles and LeasePlan?

Network Vehicles and LeasePlan

Compass Contract Hire Limited are an accredited franchisee of Network Vehicles. Network Vehicles is a specialist division of LeasePlan, the world’s largest fleet management company, providing small businesses and private individuals with vehicles leasing solutions through a network of franchisees.

With over 30 years of experience, Network are the market leaders when it comes to quality of service. As a commitment to this value, the decision was taken several years ago to mandate that every Network franchisee is a BVRLA member which in turn guarantees every customer the highest possible level of service.